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Alleppey is the most significant destination for backwater boathouse / houseboat cruises in Kerala as Houseboat tour bringing you very close to the nature. The geographical peculiarity of the region is green paddy fields separated by dykes. The features about paddy cultivation in Kuttanad area the water level in river branches around the paddy field is few feet higher than the surrounding land and the farming is done below sea level. The paddy land is surrounded with river branches makes the region fantastic. The place is an amazing labyrinth of shimmering waterways composed of lakes, canals, rivers and rivulets. Lined with dense tropical greenery, it offers a glimpse into the rural life-styles of Kerala. Kuttanad is a backwater paradise and an ideal destination for a backwater houseboat cruise in Kerala. It is possible to drift along in a boathouse and enjoy the scenic view of the Kerala countryside. Alappuzha attracts tourists throughout the year for houseboat backwater touring. The criss-crossing canals in the area evoke comparisons with Venice, but the differences are also substantial. Each has an identity of its own. Amongst the notable sights is the palm-covered Pathiramanal Island in Vembanad Lake, which can be accessed through an hour’s cruise by houseboat from Alappuzha and also houses a number of historic colonial buildings and long beach joined a children park.


Kerala backwaters network is a chain of lagoons and lakes lying parallel to Arabian Sea Coast. This network embraces large lakes associated with rivers and canals extending almost the length of slender Kerala State. The backwaters were formed by the action of waves and shore currents creating low barrier islands across the mouths of many rivers flowing down from Western Ghats to Arabian Sea. Kerala backwater network tortuous system is interlocked with canals, lakes and inlets formed about 900 km of waterways. There are many cities and towns in between this marvelous landscape serve the backwater boathouse touring almost parallel to the costal line of southern Kerala promoting backwater tourism. The backwaters have a unique ecosystem – freshwater from the rivers meets the seawater from Arabian Sea. Spillways are built in certain areas of river mouths for preventing salt water entering from the sea and keeping the fresh water intact for agriculture.


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